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It has been a long time since my last post. For awhile, I had pre-finals, and then finals. So that's understandable. But it's been 1.5 weeks since my last day of class, and almost 5 days since graduation. I have no excuse. I've been sleeping until noon, getting up groggily, playing video games and reading the internets, and then going back to sleep. No excuse. Oops.

I do, however, have these.

Oh, and these

And, on the very rare occasion that safeway has them, these.

They're delicious. They taste like I took a bunch of fruit, put it in a popsicle tray, and froze it. Only, I didn't have to, which is very, very important during pre-finals, finals, and finals recovery. (I did, however, have to walk to Safeway to get them. But that's exercise, right?)

I eat very, very many of them. But I figure, they're healthier than all the ice cream I would eat if I didn't have them, right? (Note that I'm basically begging for affirmation).

I'm eating a lemon one right now. And it's delicious. (Can you tell from my sentence fragments and frequent parentheticals that I've been reading a lot of thepioneerwoman.com today? Because I have. An awful, unhealthy lot. I probably know more about her than her distant family. And I dearly, dearly hope that someday I'll have a kitchen that the one in her guest lodge. Do not go look unless you want to feel pathetically sorry for yourself.)

In lieu of a recipe and pictures of food, I have graduation photos!

 There they are, the grads (and the people who shows up really early for their seats!). Now y'all know what college I go to. Ew. I said y'all. I've been reading way too much PW.

You can't see because this photo is small, but my favorite graduate (sorry everyone else...) is standing RIGHT THERE. Behind the person in the fancy blue "I have good grades" sashy things.

And the start of the procession out of graduation, after all the speeches and names and majors and (summa) (magna) cum laudes that made me feel bad about my grades were over.

AWWWW. And there's my graduate. This picture is very blurry, but my camera was dying and he was technically still in the procession out, so I had to click the picture fast. I actually didn't even think I got the picture, because my camera died immediately as I clicked the "take picture" button, even though I'd bought (and by "I bought" I mean, sent my mother down to the campus center to buy..) brand new batteries for it not 2 hours earlier. And I'd turned it off a lot during that time, because it started blinking "battery low" within about 15 minutes. I think my camera's on its last legs.

But this weekend, I promise a recipe.

Congratulations to everyone who graduated (or will soon graduate if, you know, you go to a state school or whatever...)!


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